About kindergarten

Kindergarden Põngerjas is an educational institution, its main objective is providing preschool education. There are children 1,5-7 years old.  Children are formed in 10 separate groups according to their age. The kindergarten programme strictly follows the national curriculum. The kidergarten has the mission in Narva city: to educate children with fewer opportunities (learning, social, cultural, economic obstacles, some kids live in remote rural communities, majority of children with immigrant background). The highlight of the kindergarden mission is teaching and inclusion of children belonging to national and ethnic minorities. Traditions, academic achievements of every single child, personal development and the spirit of a big family  are feature characteristics of the kindergarten Põngerjas. The kindergarden sets own work to build positive relationships between children, their parents and the staff, and among the children. These relationships help to motivate personal growth and development that includes understanding of life’s values. The teachers are trying to follow any new comes just to offer a full useful educational packet. Our kindergarten teachers are experienced and went through pedagogical professional examinations.  Our staff introduce new teaching methods in bilingual and STEAM education and try to be informed by seminars and other inner educational ways.  Kindergarten Põngerjas cooperates with other schools, local communities, businesses, parents in efforts to reduce risk factors for vulnerable children and improve longer-term outcomes for them.